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- Site F.A.Q.s -

01. When did you create this site?
I originally opened this site on June 09, 1998, as "Espio's Page" under my GeoCities account. However, I later changed the name to "ESPIOKaos: A SEGASonic/SonicTeam MIDI Site" on June 16, 2000. The following year, on February 23, 2001, I purchased my own domain name. I changed the site's name once again to a shorter, simpler and more appropriate "ESPIOKaos.com."
[Last Updated: 08.26.03]

02. Why don't you add more images to this site?
I don't think it's necessary. In my opinion, plain text suffices just fine since the focus of this site is on music, not graphics.
[Last Updated: 08.26.03]

03. In the MIDI listings, why can't I click on or download the songs listed in green text?
Simply put, because they don't exist. Not yet, at least. The main reason I have complete track lists is to give myself and others a visual reference of what songs from a game or CD I haven't sequenced yet. Links will be updated as I complete new songs.
[Last Updated: 08.26.03]

04. Why are the time and file sizes of certain songs represented with hyphens (--:-- / --.-KB) as opposed to numbers?
This format represents that the time and size of a MIDI will not be reflected on the total time and size of the section that it's in. You'll see this in sections for expansions of previous games (Phantasy Star Online Ep.Iⅈ, for example) as well as games that have been released across multiple platforms (such as Sonic Heroes)
[Last Updated: 09.03.07]

05. Why did you permanently close down the request list?
Long story short, I simply didn't feel like taking requests anymore. To actually explain things, however, I don't really have the time to devote to sequencing like I used to, and that makes it difficult to keep up with the monstrous number of requests I've collected over the years. Now that no more requests will be added to the list, I'll finally be making actual progress with clearing it out.
[Last Update: 09.03.07]

- MIDI F.A.Q.s -

01. When did you start sequencing MIDIs?
I don't really know the exact date of when I started MIDI sequencing, but I know it was around mid-September of 1997. However, I finished sequencing my first MIDI, "IceCap Zone Act 2" from Sonic 3, on September 28, 1997.
[Last Updated: 08.26.03]

02. What type of programs and equipment do you use to sequence your MIDIs? What kind of sound card do you have?
Voyetra's Digital Orchestrator is the main program I use to sequence with. I also use Transkriber, a WAV manipulation program, quite often. It allows me to do things like slow the tempo of a song down without distorting the sound quality and solo out different parts of a song so they're easier to hear, among many other things. Next, of course, there's my keyboard, a Casio CTK-573, which I use to play along with a song as I sequence a MIDI of it. Finally, I have an SB Live! sound card.
[Last Updated: 09.03.07]

03. May I use some of your MIDIs on my web site or in a game I'm making?
Sure, but please make sure to give me credit for sequencing the songs you decide to use. Also, if you plan on using a MIDI on your site, you must upload the file to your own webspace. Do no directly link to the file here.
[Last Updated: 09.03.07]

04. May I use one of your MIDIs to create a remix of a song?
As long as you give me credit for sequencing the original song, I'm fine with that.
[Last Updated: 09.03.07]

- Message Board F.A.Q.s -

01. Why do I have to register an account to post at the message board?
Account registration makes managing the board's members easier on myself. But, it allows for more functionality on your part. With a registered account, you'll be able to use features such as private messaging and profile customization. It also makes navigating the board much easier, as you'll have the ability to see which threads are new or have new replies since your last visit, as well as mark forums read after you've finished reading or replying to different threads.
[Last Updated: 08.26.03]

02. What's the difference between a local account and a global account?
When you create a local account, the name you register can only be used at the board you registered it at. You won't be able to use that name at any other ezboards. A global account, on the other hand, can be used at any message board across the ezboard network.
[Last Updated: 08.26.03]

03. Why can't I edit my posts?
You can. You just have to be signed into your account in order to be able to do so. If you are not signed in, you will not see the edit option on your posts. (Note that this only applies to regular posts. If you create a poll, you will not be able to edit it after it's been submitted. No one, not even the board admin, can edit a poll.)
[Last Updated: 12.26.04]

04. I'd like to change my account name. Is there any way I can change it without having to start a new account?
Unfortunately, no. If you want a new name, you'll have to create a new account. Your post count and settings from your previous account will not carry over if that is done.
[Last Updated: 12.26.04]

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