Miscellaneous Sonic Music Info

This section is devoted to random bits of information and trivia concerning the music from the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games. Here you'll find a comprehensive list of songs that have been reused and remixed between different Sonic games as well as information on music that went unused for one reason or another.

Reused and Remixed Music

Throughout the history of the Sonic games, quite a large number of songs and themes have been reused in one way or another. The purpose of the following lists is to compile a glossary of each occurance of a recycled song from one Sonic game to another. The first list references music that has been reused between multiple titles. The second list is for songs that have been remixed and then reused within a single game.

Cross-Game Reused Music
This section catalogues all known instances of songs that have been reused or remixed across multiple Sonic the Hedgehog titles. Only instances of reused music between different games will be referenced here.

In-Game Reused Music
This section catalogues all known instances of songs that have been reused or remixed within single Sonic the Hedgehog titles. Only instances of reused music within single games will be reference here.

Unused Songs

The following list compiles a number of songs from various Sonic games that were, for one reason or another, not used in the final version of the game.

[001] BGM#10 (Sonic 2: SEGA Genesis)
I think I can say this song has become one of the most popular unused songs from any Sonic game. From what is known about it, this BGM was supposed to be used for Hidden Palace Zone, which was cut from the final version of Sonic 2.
[002] BGM#09BH (Sonic Chaos: GameGear)
While not used in Sonic Chaos, an improved, more refined version of this song made it into the game's sequel, Sonic Triple Trouble, as Sunset Park Zone Act 3. It really makes you wonder, though, what this song's original intended use was supposed to be.
[003] Extend (Sonic Adventure), 1UP (Sonic Adventure 2)
This fanfare, though listed in each game's sound test, from what I've been able to tell was never actually used in-game. Instead, you hear the Chaos Emerald fanfare when you gain an extra life.
[004] Title: Station Square (Sonic Adventure)
I figure this song was supposed to be used on the loading screen for when you enter Station Square. That screen, however, remained silent in the final version of the game while this song was left behind in the sound test.
[005] Title: Mystic Ruin (Sonic Adventure)
As the name implies, one would figure this song would've been used as BGM for the loading screen for Mystic Ruin. As with the previous entry, however, said loading screen remained silent.
[006] Title: M. Ruin ~the Past~ (Sonic Adventure)
Nothing special here. This song probably would've served the same purpose as the previous one, except it would've been exclusive to the past version of Mystic Ruin.
[007] Title: Egg Carrier (Sonic Adventure)
Some people believe that this song -- if you can actually call it that, as it's mostly sound effects -- was used in-game for the transformation sequence of the Egg Carrier. After looking into it quite extensively, however, I can assure you that it's not. A similar series of sound effects is used when the Egg Carrier transforms, but this specific series is not. Besides, there had to be a good reason for this and the previous three entries to be removed from the sound test of Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut, the GameCube re-release of Sonic Adventure: they weren't used in-game.
[008] BIG: Miss! (Sonic Adventure)
One would figure this song would play when your line snaps while playing through Big's game in Sonic Adventure. For some reason, however, it doesn't.

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